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Email marketing that gets opened and clicked

In today’s Digital Marketing there is always a new system, platform, or tactic that changes the way business is done on the Internet. Yet, one of the most important elements to any type of marketing plan is how you’re going to market your business using email. 

An email marketing strategy can be the difference between success and failure for most businesses. Over 250 billion emails are sent out daily, and Blue Rocket Digital can make sure your email marketing stands out from the rest of the spam most people get. We believe that sales is the main focus of an email campaign, but it doesn’t necessarily mean we can’t create brand awareness and show how your business is different from the rest. 

With over 15 years of experience in email marketing, the team at Blue Rocket Digital can plan, write, and design email marketing campaigns that create sales, build relationships, and promote your business. Using our knowledge of responsive design, list management, and setting up automated campaigns that get results. 

We have worked with pretty every single email marketing platform out there, so the team at Blue Rocket Digital can work with whatever your business is currently using or switch to our suggested platform with ease. 

Targeted Audiences Net Results

While most agencies just blast out an email to a whole email list and hope they open it, we will analyze your list and segment your list into audiences that have a higher rate of converting. Ensure that emails are personalized and customized to ensure that we create that connection to your list. 

We firmly believe that drilling down into the data, making active segments, and reviewing open reports can increase open rates for your email marketing campaigns. Looking at what is working and making the proper changes that ensures success is always our goal. 

The segments we create will always be exported and transferred to any pay-per-click advertising to build custom audiences and retargeting audiences. There are over 500,000 data points on most advertising platforms, and using the data you get from organic email marketing makes it easier to find new people who match for your advertising campaigns.

Designs That Move People To Click

Every email we send out to your subscribers is designed to convey confident, meaningful, and engaging content that moves people to engage with the call to action we’re promoting. Creating consistent high quality emails will help build lifetime relationships with your audience. We want people to be excited to see your email in their inbox. 

We’ll work from scratch with the initial campaign and use the data, reactions, and clicks to build a campaign that archives your goals. We’re not afraid to A/B test designs, send times, and audience segments to find the right formula that nets you results. 

All our emails we design are responsive so anybody on any device can open your email. With mobile traffic slowly becoming the only method people open emails, it’s important to make sure it’s not breaking and looking wonky on mobile devices.

Blast Off With Our Professional Web Design Team

You only have one chance to make a great first impression in today’s fast-paced world. Let Blue Rocket Digital help you conquer the internet, generate the leads you need, and create new customers with a killer new website. 

Click the link below, fill out the form, and blast off with our experienced team at Blue Rocket Digital. 

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